Technology At Your Serice



Les Constructions Najem Inc. can count on its own employees, available all year long, in order to statisfy our customers requirements and bring our projects to reality. This skilled and disposable workforce also allows us to offer a quality of service, well above
the competition.


By using EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems), we apply a weatherproof layer, a insulating layer, a base reinforced layer and finally a finish textured layer. Our coatings thereby are lighter and more flexible than heavy traditional material. Without joints and and made of high-insultation material, this is also a top-notch economical choice.


The other major benefit is the infinity of colors and shapes, enabling a visual rendering each time customized and adapted to context. The lightness of EIFS gives us an extreme freedom in applying coatings: Roman columns, arks, corners can be easily integrated into the design of your façade!


Finally, whatever the weather (hot or cold, dry or wet), EIFS we apply are always built to have an optimal behaviour and give the best results in terms of insulation and sutainability. Which makes it an ideal ecological solution.